They grew up in the paperless world, with paperless files….when the written word was less sacred …the newspaper was…books would be soon.  And the young people no longer so young seemed more isolated, alienated.  The American Civil Liberties Association did not complain that people who had the freedom to purchase operating systems with their computers did not have the freedom to delete files.  The government, law enforcement, wanted the freedom to research where people had visited in the e-world, as if they had applied for some kind passport to travel to all the places of the world.  The Microsofts, the Dells, were as much in cahoots in the U.S. with the erosison of freedom as Yahoo had been with the Chinese government, in the name of profit.  The current administration had declared war, a never-ending war, against terror.  And the freedoms long since fought for were suddenly eroded in the paperless world, and no one in this busy world seemed to take time to reflect on the ideals of freedom.  Not here. Not abroad.  Although journalists for the last generation packaged news with a local slant, this was a worldwide story.  In gaining the ability to use search engines, governments were empowered to search users everywhere, where anyone had gone in search, apparently without probable cause.  This administration view seemed to be that protected liberty was limited by border to people born between certain latitudes and longitudes.  And that view was spreading to other American citizens who had always had the news packaged with a local slant.  The battle over what were protected rights, if all men and all women really were created equal, extended beyond the immigration debate, green cards, borders.  Those founders of Yahoo expressed sorrow after a Congressional hearing.  I am sorry too.  I am sorry that those who now run the paperless world have such little regard for liberty, things that involved the pursuit of happiness, the written word, and even paperless files.  I am sorry that newspapers, books, liberty, like life here, has become less sacred.            


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