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Spending or Saving?

Money: Saving or spending. 

How do you spend money and time?  You start by putting a measure on time:  clocks, calendars, dates.   Then you put a measure on wealth: money.  Many then combine the means of measure in a way that seems fair.  

After all, you only had so much in a lifetime.  It was a form of human creation to try to measure time and money.  Was first-come, first-serve another form of primogenitur?  

Time and money –Addictions:  squandering time when time seemed in abundance.  Since humanity is God-like, since there is seemingly no such things as time in heaven and  since eternity is God-like, was there a connection of abundance on earth to the issue of abundance and time and addiction?    

Time: Saving or spending.

Was your spending   a holy pursuit?  Was your life a holy pursuit?  If  life really was about the pursuit of happiness, how could happiness ever be confused with financial success?