The Affects of Imperialism

When the face of the school becomes one former teacher, one current coach, when the face of the synogogue becomes one rabbi, when one person becomes the face of an institution, when people become bigger than the game, when an institution uses that one face to raise money to represent a voice in fund raising beyond what an institution deserved, that was a time when a religious institution got caught up in the imperialism of money.  Universities had it with sport.  The athletes had this with the NFL or MLB.  And that was what was wrong with campaign financing of congressional and especially presidential elections.  The faces were bigger than the ideals.   


When the face of the institution becomed bigger than the institution, the political body, the institutional body is too caught up in the imperialism of money.    It was all about establishing personal kingdoms.


The clichés, pre-recorded, televised, it was all part of an imperialism of sport.  These kingdoms were reigning beyond the game, beyond an education institution, and well beyond the ideals of the constitution. 


Rescue of credit holders, the debt holders not share holders of Bearn Stearns:  Why?  Why rescue bond holders?  What debt instruments did you play, and why did just one section of the orchestra get saved?  If markets went up and down, what happened when governments got in the middle, and tried artificially to change what seemed the natural law?  Was this another bubble, this national identity just air?  Was this government, just artificial, becoming more and more a national identity with artificial values?  What has had happened in the last 8 years?  To habeas corpus, in torture, domestic spying.  This was patriotism? 

It was not just the U S currency that was falling in value, compared to other currencies. 


America in the age of television had become pre-recorded.  Look at the U S Senate.  The re-runs were self-evident in the names: Clintons, the Doles, the Bayhs, the Kennedys.  In the executive branch it was the Bushes and the Clinton.  The Age of the Victriola and Radio had been replaced over the last 50 years by these megastars of television.  And these human clichés, pre-recorded, were all part of an imperialism of television.    And money was the steroid of imperialism. 

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