The penitent who forgot who he was.  Me.  I was distracted from my God, which is a good definition of sin. All the distractions. 

Men/women  failing in their relationships with their spouses, people they had known and professed love, called the question.  What was their relationship with their God, if they knew God?  How many people tried to know and understand God?  And if you really only understood your wife 35% of the time, how much did you understand God?  How much time were we supposed to spend communicating?   

I belonged to a very academic religion:  Parochial schools were the vehicle to teach people to read, as the written word was holy, sacred. That was the one message lost on public schools, the secular world. The hard work of a school that takes 8 years, 4 years of high school, and then college.  




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