National Day of Prayer

For the National Day of Prayer


Father.  You created me.  In Your Image.  You formed me.  In Your Likeness.  You put me on this earth for a reason.   


Jesus Christ, you are that reason.  You set the captives free.  You gave sight to the blind.  You healed the sick.  You taught us how to live and love.  You lived, you died, YOU ROSE.  For me.  And you called me to complete your works.    


Holy Spirit.  You help me complete the works of Jesus, the Messiah, and find my purpose on this earth, in the real world today. 


So I begin this day.  In the real world.  In the name of the Father.  And of the Son.  And of the Holy Spirit.  May all my thoughts and actions be directed to Your glory, to Your presence in this day, in this world without end.  Today.  Amen. 

Revision of the prayer of Mark Link, S.J. See link:


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