August was the start of bee season.  Bees drive my Aunt Cathy crazy.  They start showing up at picnics.  Bees along with flies try to get into homes. 


To kill a fly: not here in my house, Mr. Fly.  And so it was with government and invaders.  Keep out.  It was why each nation had a department of defense. 


Food, glorious food.  Most of us are just looking for food.  The fly. Soon the mouse.  The beggar. The dog.  God in all his wonder, working to feed the planet with the help of farmers and scientists.  We trust that the source of food is good.  True.  Untainted. 


God welcomes insects and animals to the feast, whereas mankind was in a war to keep insects, animals, the homeless outside their interiors.  And the enemy. 


Public education seldom addressed the nuts and bolts of life. The curricula in America were quiet on dogma.  The search for God was intimate and did not belong inside in such a public setting.  The search for God was a basic human right that public education should be silent on.  God was found outside the school.  In nature.  In the hearts of those who loved you. 


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