The Wonders on Display

Father of Beauty, open our eyes.
Lord of Creation, you make the sun rise each day in the East.
God of the heavens, You move the clouds from west to east.
God of animation, You give music to the tides on shore, you make the wind whistle, you make the trees your wind instrument, swaying to your rhythms.
God of light, You give one thousand shades of green to the grass and to the trees, you allow the invasion of color to the flowers, the birds to sing their morning song.
God of spring, you make the old young, you give re-birth to people and ideals.
God of summer, you surround us in the glory of our times, in the stillness of the lake at dawn and in the flickering light from the fireflies at dusk as Your wonders are on display.
God of all arrangement, You bathe me in the coolness of the morning.
God of autumn, you are present in the taste of the harvest.
God of winter, you cover this land uniting us again to the one shade of white in the grass, the trees and the clouds.
God of motion, you move me this day, to see you in all things, in the stars above, in all people, in all seasons, and even You in me.
Lord of all Creation, you move me to respond to your gifts. YOU MOVE ME.


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