The Sound Bytes of Crickets



Was it politics or religion that was the opium of the masses?

The continental divide:  what was its meaning in a land situated between 2 different oceans?  If this divide was a border between two watersheds so water on one side of the line flowed to one ocean, water on the other side went to the other ocean, how could the divide be in Montana?   

Crickets and their meaning:  In the waning days of summer, crickets were back.  It was not that school was just 2 weeks away.  Rather it meant that crickets were restless, looking for mates.  At night.  A lot like people.  In August, I  wanted to be outside, moving in the waning days of summer.  I wanted to act, not contemplate. 


Politics.  In the waning days of The Bushes and The Clintons.  Politics was now all a show. There were millions of dollars pumped in to elect someone.  Politics was a machineA dog and pony show, with actors.  This year because it just goes on and on, with those never ending commercials, I see politics as filling an emptiness.  As people went in search of true ideals, was this on earth, the substitute, to fill the void?  Hire someone to write speeches.  As one candidate approached about running for the Minnesota House of Representative was told, “We’ll tell you how to vote.”  Surrounded by beauty, we all loved an illusion.  Hire a model.   The promise never seemed fulfilled. 


Media focus in the past on the labor vote, the Catholic vote, the gun vote, has led me to miss the power of the born again in recent American presidential elections. “The Bushes and Clintons have dominated modern American public life for twenty years because they have embraced the born again and understood them,” wrote a Republican operative, Doug Wead, on his website.  But like the continental divide, was there any real difference? 


Politics.  Religion.  My grandmother once told me never to talk about politics or religion to people outside family.  Was it media ignorance or just this old time etiquette that had led the different media to shy away from the talk of religion with politics?  I always seemed to hear a lot of analysis of the “Catholic vote” since the days that John Kennedy was elected.  No one analyzed how the Swedes of Minnesota, Lutherans, felt about anyone candidate.  As if they were of one mind.  It would seem that it had been the evangelical vote all along and nothing else that determined which way the nation would lean.  But how did those evangelical pastors keep all those people together?  Why did they not learn to think for themselves?  Or was this the union we were all searching for? 

Was it just about the sounds of the season.  Promise unfilled?  Like those crickets, we were all in search of a co-star.  Wanting to act.  Looking for mates.  Looking for unity, union.  Looking for meaning from the seasons.  In the dark. 


I never believed a change in water flow acted differently on the other side of the continental divide.  They said the same thing in grade school about the equator and its affect on water flow.  Mostly, in the light of day, things always looked the same to me.  But I have yet to get the chance to flush a toilet on the other side to test what was the truth. 



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