When the News Came on Ticker Tape


Modern culture is all about the instant.  That is the effect of the computer.  It used to be just about the weather—be alert in the instant to survive.  Now we needed cell phones which came with headlines and cameras. 


It was the world of computers, with the modern ticker running not in newsrooms but in homes and offices.  The instant.  Looking for something to happen.  Stress is defined as a symptom of not wanting to be in the moment we are in. 


It was the instant gratification world.  I had an unnecesary degree of stress caused by technology.  And I worried about this generation of youth entering the job market. Technology was turning from being one of entertainment to the enemy.  It would destroy them.  Business e-mails.   There was one day that at day’s end I had 25 to read, with 55 voicemails to go through, after working for ten hours.


I was feeling pessimistic these days, in a lifetime filled previously with optimism.  I had heard Eckhart Tolle on the radio.  He is the author of “The Power of Now.”  He is the one who noted stress is a symptom of not wanting to be in the moment we are in. 


Technology was causing stress.  There was an inability to separate our private lives from that of our jobs.  If stress was a symptom of not wanting to be in the moment we were in, how could I keep a demarcation line? 


Technology would destroy me.  How could I separate the world of entertainment, a private life,  and how could I separate this from the business world that encroached upon my freedoms in the world of computers?  With globalization, there was always something happening.  And a lot of people were gawkers, looking for the next happening.  And in the meantime, there was a lot of productive time lost in the office, as people gawked on company time.  And it also happened on the weekends in private lives. 


The instant.  Instant stress.   GAWKERS and gawking.  In Chicago, the term used was GAPERS.  A car crash and most people looked.  A gapers’ delay ensued.  And it happened  a lot on the internet highway.  Where was my productivity?   


In this high tech world, people were not as well read, in the classics.  Would this one day affect the human spirit.  Government and academic leaders?   Religious leaders, if any would be left? 


The written word is written in the present and soon becomes the past.  Read and be changed.  But that axiom was changing.   


People who relied on technology were boring.  We were all becoming geeks and nerds.  And technology in the end alienated us, if not from each other, from some kind of inner spirit.  Unquenched thirst.  


Movement.  There was less real movement in this world.  Live-in lovers.  Stirred by what?  Love?  Belonging? 


The instants.  Ticking. 


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  1. sandysays1 on

    Agreed, but would you really want stone tablets, chisels, smoke signals, and drums as the promary ways to communicate. Come to think about it, it might not be too bad.

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