Anti-government demonstrations.  The headlines today indicates, “Protest leaders in Thailand said they were prepared for arrest as Bangkok riot police squared off with thousands of anti-government demonstrators.”  I am doubtful that protests next week in St. Paul will be called anti-government demonstrations?  But they surely would be. 

Ambition.  Obama.  Always moving.  In his youth, with his gadfly mom.  Attending college in California.  Halfway through changing colleges.  Transferring to the Ivy League.  His Chicago years have been ignored in his 2 books.  I wondered about his friends—the relationships in his life. 


Don’t look at McCain’s relationships to be encouraged.  He was unfaithful to his first wife, following her auto accident.  He was a philanderer, dating, marrying the daughter of a Budweiser distributorship in Arizona who acquired his business, according to an investigation in 1976 following the death of reporter Don Bolles, from mob connections.  If not for the mob connections in his in-laws family, he would never have been the senator from Arizona. 

What kind of people do we elect these days?  Nancy Pelosi over the weekend was on Meet the Press explaining moral theology and abortion, as it relates to her own religious faith.  The Denver archbishop suggested on Monday morning that she really might not have read the text books. 

Politicians, most Catholic Democratic politicians, all seem alienated from religious leaders.  Not that the American bishops have been a proud group in the last 10 years.  But it was the current politicians I was focusing on.  Over the weekend, I had brunch at the home of a former wife of an ex-mayor.  I asked her about the mayor who had preceded her husband in office.  He was alive.  The brother of the mayor taught me for 3 years.  The brother was a great man.  But of the former mayor, it was said, he was “a nice guy but maybe too naïve for office.”  The judgment of the wife of the ex-mayor.  Or maybe from his successor, who belonged to the same party. 

The current governor of Virginia gave a speech last nigh in Denver, promoting the idea of a government program to recruit good teachers.  He failed to recognize the trouble finding good teachers was that there were no real rewards.  Not when compared to investment banking and medicine.  Everyone today had to be interested in money.  Where are the kind people?  Who might be a little naïve?    

I had just read a piece on John Paul II written by John Allen in the National Catholic Reporter, upon the pope’s death.  On the eve of Obama’s acceptance speech, it is of note to read of a man:  “Deeper than politics, either secular or ecclesiastical, lies the realm of personal integrity – goodness and holiness, the qualities we prize most in colleagues, family and friends.  It’s a rare ideologue for whom condoms or the Latin Mass represent ultimate concerns. A person may be liberal or conservative, avant-garde or traditional, but let him or her be decent and most of the time that’s enough.” (See 



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