Economic Physics & the Big Bang Theory

What could these Federal Reserve officials figure out about the gravity of things, where the economy would land, if quantum physicists didn’t know the relationship of matter to gravity?

News stories.   Money and the laws of gravity.  Calculating the speed of falls.  While dealing with wealth and money, it is of note that quantum physicists don’t know the relationship of matter to gravity.


Matter.  And what matters?  “A lot of the debates people have about money are code for how we want to live our lives,” said Betsey Stevenson.  People and their money:  either they feel that they did not deserve the money in the first place, or they feel entitled to their wealth and are angry when it is gone, Dr. Dennis Pearne said.


These days, the larger the amount of money collected, the New York Times reports, the more millionaires have to worry about losing, and these losses prey on their deepest fears about money.


Hedge fund managers are having more a more difficult September than Willie Randolph had with the New York Mets last September.  Self-made men and women looking for shelter, people whose sense of comfort was all based upon self.  It was hurricane season and a time of economic downturn.


In other news, on Wednesday afternoon, as the world held its breath as the Large Hadron Collider machine sparked up, quantum physicists still don’t know the relationship of matter to gravity.   “Hackers have mounted an attack on the Large Hadron Collider, raising concerns about the security of the biggest experiment in the world as it passes an important new milestone. Hackers targeted the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment, or CMS, one of the four ‘eyes’ of the facility that will be analysing the fallout of the Big Bang.  The CMS team of around 2,000 scientists is racing with another team that runs the Atlas detector, also at Cern, to find the Higgs particle, one that is responsible for mass.”


At 6 p.m. Friday evening, the president of the New York Federal Reserve summoned the heads of major Wall Street firms to a meeting in Lower Manhattan to review their financial exposures to a collapse of the investment bank, Lehman Brothers, and develop plans to work out contingency plans over the possibility that on Monday (September 15th) the government would need to orchestrate an orderly liquidation of Lehman Brothers, and stabilize the financial markets, according to the New York Times.  The Fed’s call for Wall Street institutions to support one of their own and find a way to rescue Lehman comes at a time when many of them are also short on capital.  Adding urgency to the discussions was government intervention into private enterprise during the last year that have not been enough to halt the unraveling of the financial system.  The meetings involving the top executives from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J P Morgan Chase, Citigroup and other financial companies continued on Saturday.


The spreading troubles were the latest sign of growing concern of big financial institutions, with Vikas Baijaj of the The New York Times reporting American International Group and Merrill Lynch might face a similar crisis, in need of billions of dollars in capital to strengthen their businesses.  These days, Wall Street’s losses, in the billions, prey on the deepest fears about money.


If quantum physicists didn’t know the relationship of matter to gravity, what could these Federal Reserve officials figure out about the gravity of things, where the economy would land?  There was fear all around over the Big Bang Theory.  Only rather than creating goodness, too often people had only self-interest.


Were we all in search of passwords, to ease the suffering.  “A few years ago, Stanford University in California announced that a number of high-performance academic computer centres had been attacked by hackers lured by the phenomenal power of the grid – pools of computing power linked by dedicated high-speed networks. Beyond shutting down the machines or stealing or deleting data, one likely malicious use of such power is to crack passwords.  In 2003, hackers broke into ScotGrid, a network of 150 machines based at the University of Glasgow. They intercepted the password of a remote user based in Geneva and used it to gain access to ScotGrid. They ran scripts that tried to reconfigure the machine to steal more passwords.”


I wasn’t well-read enough to know the history of Lehman Brothers over the last 20 years, but I had once read a story that made me think this downfall was influenced by people a lot like those highjacking hackers, looking for passwords to the world, for comfort.  People who did not know the relationship of matter to gravity.



During the Great Depression, the unemployment rate was 25 percent and more than half the homes in the country were foreclosed.  Yale economist Robert Shiller has said what is coming will perhaps be worse than the Great Depression.

“The future was a casino.  Everyone was gambling.  And everyone expected to win.” – Salman Rushdie   

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