Vanishing Democracy

The political is vanishing from politics.  Campaigns now were just about commercials.

The presidential campaigns, senate campaigns, in the United States have ceased to be about ideas and has alternately been a series of pep rallies with limited access to the media.

One vice presidential candidate chooses what friendly TV journalist she will sit for an interview with.  And no one else in the 2 weeks after her nomination.  This campaign was all about limited access.  In the Twin Cities this week, the League of Women Voters was charged rent for holding a community meeting.  By a government body. 

People don’t know what the candidate should be debating?  The people are indifferent to what is passing for a campaign, as covered by reporters?  We get sound bytes about lipstick on pigs.  Is this just what the networks want the public distracted on?  There are news articles and sound bytes criticizing the opposition, so a candidate never has to address his/her ideas.  We hear nothing except who is winning in the latest poll.  We hear nothing about details and the cost of ideas.  Media receives much of the blame for what has become of politics and much of this is deserved. And no one discusses the issues of the day.  So far.


Too much of the public almost everywhere will say they are disgusted with politics and have stopped paying attention.  Of course I quit paying attention in my assets following September 2001 until the past 7 days.  Beware what can result and the real fear and panic.  The horrors of the 1930s can be relived again in the U S.  Only this time not with pocketbook issues, but issues of censorship, without newspapers to cover the story.  There will not be any newspapers left.  Governments can jam the internet.  All the pieces are falling into place in the United States of America for a new kind of fascism.  And it seemed to be sparked by the total lack of ideas. 

People did not have time.  The high tech age was all about attention spans….instant gratification.  Ah, the instant in the information age, with high speed DSL.  It was reflected in the candidates.  We had instant everything.  Including instant ideas.  Without much depth.  We have all become like Valley girls, just here chewing gum like cheer leaders at p

ep rallies. 



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