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O LORD of hosts, You who test the just, Who probe minds and hearts, I offer You today reparations for my sins, as I begin to truly amend my life.  There were living consequences to what I have done, to what I have failed to do.  I have learned of some and then seen those consequences  …in the real world. 


In seeking forgiveness for my selfishness, help me grow in love, Lord, for and with others, for and with the seen and the unseen, as You always intended.  Help me see You in all things in this journey today.   I will try harder, Lord, as this is just the start, and real atonement was an ongoing process.  And I ask, Lord, that You keep on probing minds and hearts this day, touching me, touching others, changing this broken world that we might, You through me, address the suffering in the world.


I will try, Lord, to increase my awareness of You throughout this day so that reconciliation was not just a momentary thing in my life.  In reparation for my sins, I today only begin to amend my life, for I am heartedly sorry. 


Because a simple apology was not gonna do it any more, O Lord, I offer You my prayer, my work, my joy and my suffering this day as I try to count the quantity of reparations that I owe You.  And I owe You everything.


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