Night Noise

Seeing God in all things.

Listening to a good priest who had found his God, his own place in the world, and once again how the world was all related to these sacred stories. 

Iceland.  Redeemed by Russia yesterday. 

The library.  The stories of the war in Asia.  Heroism.  Survival in the Phillipines.  Good verssus bad.  Suffering.  Redemption. 

The simple part of Grace.  Sunday night dinner.  Not just the food.  This day.  Every day.  The morning shower, when so many did not have one.  Soldiers.  The simple things that I had taken so much for granted that are there each day.  Love.  Food.  Me.  God. 

Garbage disposals.  This would be the week to finally call a plumber.  Movements of garbage disposal covers.  News at 11.  Fear at 11:30.

Elie Wiesel on the story of Noah.

Sleep.  Noise. Crash.  Fear in the night.   Garbage disposals?  Mice?  Rats?  The unknown.  Rolling over to sleep.  Tripping over golf clubs at 7 am.  It was only golf clubs at the end of another season.  Seeing God in all things, in the morning.


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