Changing Color

That tree outside my bedroom window was turning a glorious red.  And it only became evident, was witnessed, in the morning.  Births. Joy.  Deaths. Fear.  Why? 


Sunrise. Sunset. Asian markets. Highs and lows.  Spring.  Autumn.  The gods of government trying to control everything, even things that cannot be controlled.  Global warming.  Market meltdowns. 


Eyes: Just walking views.  Where did you go?  What did you see?  Today!  Imagine life without vision of this world which changes each day. 


The age of 18—the O. Henry story.  Hunting.  Survival.  Intertwined with the 18-year old near the end of formation when attractions are there…, women.  Jobs.  Drawn to someone after you are formed.  The excitement.  The wonder.  To never lose the sense of excitement of a child over the world.  Whether it was nature or the the things associated with the animal kingdom. 


“You bear witness.”  You carry your witness from one generation to the next.  What did you see? 


Sunrise. Sunset. The beginning.  The end. 


“I am the Alpha and the Omega.”  God was there.  Always. 


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