The Motion of the Ocean



I never thought it would come down to this.  I had to announce, no thongs in class, girls.  Not that anyone would be checking. Or should I say, I would not be checking. 


For the Jewish world, a new year has begun and people have returned to their everyday lives.  The Day of Atonement is over for now.  Seldom are the results ever published but most of us have resumed the activities that separate us from God.  In dramatic circumstances, they are called addictions and require treatment.  In less critical matters, everyday life continues.  Aristotle said the unexamined life was not worth living.  If he was a Jew or a Roman Catholic, he might suggest a closer examination, investigating for the causes of our sins.  


There was a temperature of the ocean created by the American public school system, without God, called moral relativism.  The consequences were some kind of inner global warming, affecting the body temperature of everyone.  How were the consequences gauged?   Was it how much an individual woman felt needed.  The soul-searching at middle age by a woman, and the resulting depression?  What was missing?  What was it about in this newly urban world that had changed in 100 years?  If a study was ever conducted, I would expect the findings to conclude it was all about love, about feeling needed in this very urban world.  It was about the changing roles in modern life. 


The temperature of the sea of morality had changed, with moral relativism.  What happened when kids did not believe in their ideals, and the self-worth to maintain those ideals?  My hypothesis was the resulting depression was one result of moral relativism, what the French called malaise.  What was missing?  Was it a result of a restlessness within?  Is this what?  Were people really looking for God, even without belief, but they did not know it? 


It was all about the mystery found between the lines of the Torah, and an interest in that mystery.  One sign of moral relativism was a lost interest in things, one of the indicators of clinical depression.     


By now scientists had discovered that the ocean had an effect on the air.  Both had an effect on beachware.  They were all connected.  So were we. 


In one sense, those thongs were all about love, about feeling needed in this very urban world.  It was all about global warming.  


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