The Season Finale


In 1776, the American colonies proclaimed a declaration of independence from the British.  It took about another 150 years, following the women suffrage movement, but women then began to work on independence.  It was happening all over the world.  As a result, birth control was practiced, women went to work just to survive, and divorced rates rose.  The popes looked on with astonishment.  All Christian denominations saw disinterest.  People got busier trying to earn an income to survive.  The developed world quit having kids.  Zero population set in for Western Europe. And now the next season was coming upon us in another liturgical calendar.  There was the potential of over one billion viewers of this Roman Catholic series which occurred at least on Super Sunday. 


A new season with over 52 installments was coming to discover the mystery of God and sex, politics and religion.  But first the current season had to come to an end.  There never had been more suspense. 


If you have missed the recent installment, the world economy had been brought to the brink.  The G7 nations had expanded to the G20 to address the crisis.  New characters were going to take over the government of the largest consuming economy in the world whose economic leadership was now threatened.  With the G20, even the leaders did not know everyone.  Was that Asian guy Chinese or Korean?  Were any of the G20 currently at war?    Viewers were encouraged to watch each week.  The network based in Rome had yet to offer any repeat shows on YouTube or Slingbox. 


Critics were wondering if this independence of not just women was needed to reduce population. But what about the ensuing depression?   How would the characters deal with it, especially with the developing economic disaster threatening every part of the world?     


Audience share had been down over the past few years with the internet draining the younger generations.  Sponsors were expecting if not hoping that viewership would increase over the final weeks of this season.  And then carry over to the next liturgical season, especially in light of the upcoming holidays.  At least in the cold days of winter, the mystery of lights in darkness, the mystery in the Christmas story, the mystery between married couples, even with the suffering of women with men, still seemed somewhat worthwhile and drew a wider audience each December.  At the start of the season, it all once again seemed about the romance according to those who had read the early script for the new season.  And the wooing would be back. 


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