The Interrogatories


Whereas the morning yesterday had started with shattered glass and a mug from a Russian art exhibit, the evening had ended watching the movie, “The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming.”  Speaking of mystery. 


Shattered glass:  It was 24 hours ago that a framed print fell, shattering glass.  This morning, in an unrelated note, there was shattered glass all around the garage that I park my car in along with about 50 other cars.  The glass all around the garage, different I had hoped, had also been there last Sunday.  In some cultures the people do not ask questions like why.  Why the glass is here?  Why did the frame fall yesterday?  There was nothing that had happened in the time surrounding the incident that I could see that caused this occurrence.  The frame had been in its place for perhaps ten years.  On the Richter scale, even though I do not think any kind of earthquake had happened, even though the Richter scale was not being used much any more, this was an insignificant event. 


If this had been a traumatic event, with loss of life, a real earthquake, I had come to know places on earth that the “why” question was never asked.  I had learned through a trip two years ago of the Filipino culture that never seemed to ask the “why” question.  I suspect throughout Asia, fate was accepted a lot better, without question than it was in the western culture.  I attribute the questioning to the Judaic culture, the search for answers, the conversation back and forth, the questioning of God in prayer.  Other cultures seemed afraid to ask.  Christians and Jews, the Chosen People, had come to expect more.


Women…Mystery …The why question.  I mentioned the conclusion of law that women were really mysterious, based upon the facts presented over time by my attorney.  He only understands his wife 35% of the time.  He has been married close to 20 years.  In the modern age, women had been taught along with men how to be independent, to fend for themselves, in a harsh world where Darwin concluded survival was for the fit.  Independent until they needed no one.  Was there a sense of suffering with the onset of menstruation into the female body?  Why is the lining of the endometrium shed regularly?  In Asia, this fate was accepted unquestioned.  But is that why women seemed so mysterious, even to each other?  Always changing, at least physically?


I went to bed watching this movie of an American age that did have a fear of the Russians.  I had traveled to the former Eastern bloc, saw the Slavic women, and wondered about that mystery of the Russia soul.  I thought of other fears of that post war age.  Civil rights marches and voter registration.  Americans then identified a fear of race, whites of blacks. African-Americans of whites.  In a large sense, this was the fear of the unknown.  Russian history had held much of the same brutality that the African-American had suffered here, but not on skin color.  Anger resulted.  Violence.  Based upon wrongs. Crime and punishment.  When tough guys liked to intimidate and not explain.  Many a Caucasian never suffered this institutional fear of authority spoken of felt in the African-American community until having to deal with the Internal Revenue Service. A fear because no one ever had listened.  Fears always seemed to have some historical base of injustice. And people who did not want to take time to examine the injustice.       


In the world of ruptured relationships, was there a fear of a day of not being needed.  Was there a fear present of being cut by what was shattered yesterday?  How many divorces were based upon the missing questions from the husband?  How many divorces were based upon a missing feeling of need? 


Journalists , interpreters, and spouses did ask questions about significant events.  To ask the questions to significant people was what it was all about.  So wasn’t it ironic that faith was something you didn’t talk about.   For most Americans, it is just not something that you do… until maybe you lost something, because you tried to keep it a separate part of your life.   Faith was mostly for me, if you came from the public school system?   To be like some kind of bath with candles was not understanding an intention from where faith came.   And it might explain a lot of problems around here.   So less and less people dug deep.   And more and more I try to assimilate into the secular world?  But feeling insecure, living without the deepness of knowing someone?   Depressed.   Over not belonging?        


I had come to expect more in a relationship, based upon the answers.  Most of us absolutely desired relationships that stirred something from within.  Journalists , interpreters, and spouses did ask questions to figure out the mystery. And so did lawyers.  Ultimately, interpreters, journalists, lawyers and spouses kept questioning, because the answers in the conversation back and forth seemed holy.   It was all part of the search for the Truth.


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