The New Cold War


It is twenty degrees below zero Fahrenheit here where I write.  Outside.  You begin to lose feeling fast in such an environment.  


People who do not communicate well.  In families it was called dysfunction.  It was the result of history.  Those dysfunctional Slavs.  Russians.  Ukrainians.  And natural gas.  In their lands Stalin had once used food as a weapon, starving at least 7 mullions Ukrainians to death.  They say Stalin killed 30 million of the people he ruled over.  His own. 


Dysfunction.  That was then.  This is now.  I have spent a couple nights in Bratislava, 

Today they wait in Bratislava for natural gas to be turned on.  It was not a question of supplies.  While the rest of Europe watches, in the bone chilling cold of their homes and offices, those dysfunctional Slavs.  Russians. Ukrainians, fight over the price of gas and the power that comes with having the gaslines.  Adminsistering the talent and resources that you were blessed with. 


Those other Orthodox in Bulgaria wait.  Power.  Authority.  People watching in disbelief.  Man-made conflict with natural resources.  Paybacks?  I wonder where the common heritage, in bloodlines, in belief was.  Where was the patriarch of Moscow in all of this?   Coule he get over the the pipeline and get the correct valves open? 


Power and authority.  Human authority administering justice with divine resources.  In Bratislava, in Bulgaria, the trust in Gazprom in Russians, in the Ukrainian pipeline company was lost.  It would take a generation to get it back.  When it was twenty degrees below zero Fahrenheit where you were, you had a lot of human compassion for the cold and the hungry.  You took the news a lot more personal.  And in all of this, God and his message seemed a lot more real. 


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