January 26 was an anniversary date for me. It was a day that always gave me pause. This year, I had just returned from the city where I had attended college.

The song of Neal and Leandra. A prayer to a lover but really to God.

The gift of knowledge. Recognizing significance. People and significant moments.

Fresh. “I don’t mean to be fresh but…..Are you going out with me again? On a 2nd date?”
A search for freshness. In each day.

Freshness in me. At a time when I have relied too much on savings. On the freezer. Did I have freezer burn? With things wasted there.

Lost significance. Men and their attention span. The attraction. Sports. Money. Just sex.

What were the causes of all of this lost significance?

Lost significance. Whose fault was it? In a world of co-habitation? In a spiritual life? In the priesthood?

You may never see them again. Relationships. Changed. Different. Dealing with loss. In mourning over loss.

Good-byes. You may never see some of these people. Ever. I did not think that when I said good-bye. I was in a hurry.

The ongoing, unrecognized past with the ongoing human creation. In union with the Divine creation.

Feeling needed. Significance. Ex-communication. Feeling needed by others. Those hosts. Freshness

Awareness. Attention. Significance. Man. Love. Relationships. Sharing intimacy. Looking for more. The time involved in the pursuit.

Creation. A purpose to all of this. Looking for answers. Looking for my own significance. To others.

Sitting down to think. Sitting down to pray. For answers. About my life.

Action. Analysis. The answer was in others. In life. Purpose. Every day. Recognized and unrecognized.

The urgency to communicate again, in the real world, about this love. To a lover.

“We’ve got an old love. One we never will get tired of.
One that fits us like an old glove. One to warm a winter days.

We don’t have to say I love you. As often as we used to.
Old love just goes without saying, But we still say it anyway.”


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