The battle of culture. Executive pay. And China that was now funding this.

At Davos last week, Chinese premier, looking at the system of capitalism, Wen Jiabo lashed out at the ‘blind pursuit of profit’ in some countries in what he called the ‘American financial crisis.’ The view from China was that stocks and bonds were an American system.

Certainly Wen Joabo could have known of salaries, in lieu of management of companies. His system allegedly did not believe in a class system. ‘There was no effective management of the astronomical salaries of those greedy senior executives.”

Wen Jiabao said that the quality of financial assets must be assured. Max Weber opined 100 years ago that religious movement fostered capitalism. What happened in a secular society? What happened in a society that does not foster religious belief? What happened in the world to religion when money becomes a scarce good? When traditional churches were suffering a drought. The latest Gallup poll on the influence of religion. What would the affect be? That was the social question. On all of us?

One of the most profound lessons to be learnt from the ‘American financial crisis,’ Wen Jiabo commented, was the relaxation of the supervision or ‘even no management at all’ of the financial industry.”

In an arson, fire investigators looked for 3 factors. Motive. Opportunity. Accelerants.

Wen Jiabo seemed to have discovered the affects of moral relativism on Western culture. Money was the motive. Wall Street and its profits were the opportunity. Moral relativism was the accelerant in this current economic fire.


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