Life at the Half-Baked Bakery

Moral relativism involved either people without questions about God, or only about God in certain areas of their lives. Moral relativism was a religious attitude. Awareness.

Start with the questions. Who is God? Was that a religious question, or a theological one? Religion seemed man-made. God sure was not. What is the human spirit? How do you live with what you believe? So how great was the tension in your life between your beliefs and your actions? Imperfect?

Attitude comes from the questions: Attitudes of love or attitudes of fear? Where does the relationship start? A guy looking for loopholes. Changing action not to look for the loopholes.

What did you most want to pass on? Disappointment over decsisons where life was now headed. Awareness of morality and moral relativism as a religious attitude. Performance and the tension in life between belief and action? Life at the Half-baked Bakery.


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