Sunrise. Prayer.

Geography. Ecuador. We studied Ecuador in the third grade with Mrs. Wolfe. She taught about the affects of mountains. Of weather. Of rivers. Of language. And of religion. On people. On people as a group.

Afghanistan. Geography. I have not really ever studied Afghanistan yet. The affects of their geography. The Mountains. Of the politics and religion. On the Taliban. Of Moslems and Islam. Their faith binding on the community of believers yet related to a situation.

Sunrise. Prayer. Five times per day. I wonder what Moslems pray for. In Afghanistan. In the mountains. Amidst never ending war. Amidst the suffering. For the old ways? I wonder if Moslems pray for peace. For jobs.

In Afghanistan. War had a way of messing up a culture.

There is the UTube scene of a women getting beaten, not alone in a household, but amidst a number of men. By the Taliban. Deaths change history. Vacuums were created from the space left by people who have died. War stirred the emotions. The caring for the stranger, the love for the weak, the hope of “little” people, all get lost in war.

It was always about what you did when that prayer time ended. Awaiting a response. From the heavens. And on earth. In geography.


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