The Storm Predictor Center

Change. The theme was always about change. Most of us fought change. Yet we were called to be changed.

Storm Predictor Center. Storms changed lives.

Unease about the economic outlook? There was a lot of restlessness out there. Beyond the stories coming out of Iran.

Tribes. Settlers. Nationalized settlers. Whether Israel or Ireland or anywhere, people everywhere show inner beliefs are strong, based not on materialism, not on nationalism. But there was the new found clash of secularism with religion and the inner beliefs which will never change. All they will do is become civilized. People marry, settle, look for jobs. The clash of the developed world with the tribes of the 3rd world.

Tribes clashing with the settlers. Unrest. And more unrest.

That 3rd world that had become radicalized. By occupying foreign armies. By death and destruction. And the anger never subsides. The Turks and the Armenians. The Bosnians, the Serbs, and the Croats. Not in one hundred or 500 years.

Diaspora. Tornadoes and June. The hurricane season started again on June 1st. The unrest between water temperature and air temperature. Hurricanes seemed to be related to the unrest between water temperature and air temperature. And the flooding that resulted. Unrest. And more unrest.

Diaspora and Pakistan. It is said that there were 3.5 million people displaced by the pursuit of 5,000 Taliban. The tribes of the Taliban. While as fate would have it, people now in the throes of the worst post-World War II recession everywhere. I think we all saw the unrest in Pakistan as the threat. Where the currency exchange was 50 rupees per dollar in 1999, and now was 81 rupees per dollar. Unrest in the market. When political parties based on the Taliban, the old tribes, hope to secure power from the settlers there. A power that would include nuclear weapons. In a world that witnessed the hostility of the disenfranchised against the developed world that never listened. To those without cars. Without educations. With only the bond of kinsmen. Pakistan was in trouble.

Money and the times always provided the ambiance to the story. The story of life. Or the lack of any money also did. Coming to grips with it all. Diaspora, but with people stuck in homes they could not afford. One story of change, amongst the settlers.

The story of change and eventual death. The stories of destruction. Belief or disbelief. About what had happened. The social texture which grows out of its religious ground. Out of tribes and settlers. About whether death could be changed into life. Coming to grips with fear and change. Coming to grips with it all.

Changing fear into something else. Unease about the political outlook? There was a lot of restlessness out there in coming to grips with it all. The theme was always about change. When most of us fought change.

That Storm Predictor Center. And diaspora. Those storms changed lives.


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