Terror Within

The war within: Evil, terror, and it causes. Islam was not about evil.

The irony in the western world that had moved away from God was the same irony of 1492 when Columbus sought a passage to India to the west so he did not have to go through territories of the Ottoman Turks. And in the current war on terror, the United States and Europe were afraid of radical components of Islam that had appealed to the poor, a component that called a people to prayer when in their world there was so much affluence and less and less organized prayer. In the current Europe Union, few people worshiped –less than 20% of the people in Belgium worshiped collectively on a weekend, as one example.

And in such an environment of nominal Christianity, Americans were willing to give up the foundation of civil liberties for what was called Homeland Security. The Patriot Act. That was the underlying conflict that no one saw in the United States –the basis for so much fear was a religion, when religion was becoming something to be feared in the west.

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