On Those Preferential Choice Ballots

The news.

Newspaper publishers. Airlines. Book publishing. Financing it all. Running out of money. Bankruptcies … With time-based deadlines . . . for reorganization.

Affection. Towards books. Those public displays of books. And a concern about the future of the book business. Heading toward a future where it may be impossible for writers to earn a living. A future which looks more and more where publishers will have the same difficulty to survive as a newspaper.

Consciousness. Sleeping. Recognition. How consciousness changes by sleep, per a BBC test. Photos. Memory. The results. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sleep/tmt/instructions_1.shtml

The results. Knowing who I had never met, I scored a perfect 100 percent. Forgetting the part when I had met 29% of the people, whether Part I or Part II. And forgetting 22% of the people I had seen in this test.

Consciousness. When consciousness changes. The recognition of, an awareness of all of this. The holiness of shared experience. In imbibing wine. In breaking bread. I had attended a college class re-union at the 25 year mark. People I had shared freshman year with had told stories late into the night. My roommate from that year was in rare form. A friend who live 2 doors down was unable to make it. I sent him a note, telling him how many people commented upon how much he was missed. He sent me a letter with a Christmas card. It was the last time anyone from college had heard from him. He died around St. Patrick’s Day 2007.

Vanishing. The letter. His letter expressed how college had been the best years of his life. Who he had met. College. When the consciousness level changes. From studies. From imbibing. The changing consciousness level was the holy part of youth. It was all about my first emergence into the world. It was about the world. And learning of the need to change the world. And the “how.” It was only in deciding “the how.”

Vanishings. Newspaper publishing. Airlines. Book publishing. Banks. Their employees.

Finance. Running out of money. And now bankruptcies. Time. Dealing with deadlines. Vanishing traditions. The “how now” question. It was deciding “the how” now.

Vanishings. There was an election today in St. Paul. And in Minneapolis … without a Republican on the ballot among 12 mayoral candidates. St. Paul voters were asked to decide whether we should have preferential choice elections. Minneapolis already had it. Voting with a number, one through three, for our favorites. Minneapolis had witnessed the end of the 2 party system. The Republican Party had died there over the last 40 years. It happened in all of the big cities. When the electorate did not feel a party was responding to the needs of the people. This preferential choice election issue reminded me a lot about the state of the Christian world. Last night I watched the leader of the Orthodox Church in a world of 300 million Orthodox Eastern Catholics on The Charlie Rose Show. He gave the history of the break up of the Orthodox from the church of Rome. On this eve of an election when political parties and religion factions had lost to a large degree their meaning to the working stiff.

When levels of consciousness change. When there was too many choices, the affection was lost. Like the affection for books. Those public displays of books. The changing level of consciousness when reading. Or at work. Losing a sense of time. Losing my sense of self. The holiness of it all was a level of prayer. The “how” now. How I shared myself at work. How I shared myself with others. In such a small way. Today.

The affection level. Of consciousness. And a concern about the future of the book business. And education. The holiness of it all. Reading. Writing. So that I was not just a commodity. Running out of money, like a newspapers dying. Beyond 2012. Consciousness of the future, with a fear that the year of nothing seemed to be fast approaching.

Consciousness. Writing. Reading books. The holiness of it all. So that I was not just a forgettable vanishing commodity. Books as public displays of affection. In these days of reorganization, of cyberspace, we all wrestled with the internal and the external manner of public display of affection. As consciousness changes so often without an awareness or the recognition of the effect of all of this change. The little concern for private lives, as public safety overrode everything, including the declarations of independence.

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