Sports. Exercises. Recreation. Leisure. All the pasttimes. How do you spend your time? Outside of work? Wired to be active and engaged, not passive and inert?

In the world of technology, how do you remain engaged in the real world? In what becomes a kind of rote work where people have to get to work at a certain time……do a certain amount of things and then leave at a certain time. Daniel Pink was on NPR discussing his book, “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.” He talked about the context of work that makes so many people passive and inert. And he discussed awakening a validated sense of autonomy and purpose at certain companies of its workers. Changing the context of the real sense of workers. The five senses, and their desire to do things because they are fun and interesting. What William Blake described as the inlets of the soul. The five senses which lead us to something.

Daniel Pink said, “ In many ways, it is our context that makes us passive and inert. But if the context is changed, I think all of us can awaken that real sense, that scientifically validated sense, of autonomy and purpose and the desire to do things because they are fun and interesting.”

We are wired to be active and engaged, not passive and inert. In a world seemingly with nothing but reality programming. Where presently no one was reading, either the news or new books. Ask your local bookstore manager. “The Real World” on MTV from the last decade was now reality programming, everywhere. And, for me, not exactly Emmy Award winning stuff. Unscripted. No one was taking the time to write new scripts? I wondered why.

C. Michael Curtis is a writer for the Atlantic Monthly. He put together in 1998 a collection of stories by world reknown writers of English of mainstream fiction in a book titled God: Stories. The short stories were about spiritual experiences, in lives intertwined with religion. “Each of them asks in a voice, however idiosyncratic, where, if anywhere, is God in the life we live. And how is one to tell?”

Unscripted. To try and find God in places where God is not supposed to be. However idiosyncratic, with the five senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste and a sense of touch which lead us to feel something within.

True art is proven over time. Things that have value remain, for all posterity. Art left behind, recorded by how honest the artist was to the idiosyncratic. Not so much to make money, but to survive like others in the community with whom they lived. Not so much to entertain as to call the question in a voice, an idiosyncratic voice, where, if anywhere, God was in the life we live. And so the five senses which lead us to something within.

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