The focus here is for the most part on the interior department. Mine. Mostly about the drilling for what was within. And the relation to the news. In the real world. And God’s view of all of this. In the beginning. Like somehow with music. Or in writing. Or a lot like with creation. When the invisible becomes visible.

God’s view of all of this now. Was there disbelief? Over the deepwater horizon.

Starting at 2.40 pm (Central Standard Time), almost 1.3 billion shares traded on US markets in a ten-minute span as Mexican-Americans prepared to leave work to celebrate Cinquo de Mayo, as about $16 billion worth of stock changed hands after someone placed an order for one billion shares of Proctor & Gamble — suggesting that genuine trading activity was behind the fall and rally—instead of what was thought to be a one million share order of Proctor & Gamble. And the guy that made the mistake also can have made an incredible profit in the short time the entire market bounced nine percent or more within 24 hours.

I went to bed last night finally appreciating why people are buying gold. With a potential seismic destruction of the trading value of any currency in few days’ time in the future—underscored by this news—I think, with this financial system, the day will come within my life time when paper currency has no value anywhere, when banks holidays are declared, when Arabs quit delivering oil, when vehicles are as valuable for transport as the gas in the tank, and without heating resources, Minnesota homes without fireplaces will be as valuable and sustainable as an ice cube in the dessert. Things sure had changed.

Maybe it was not just the hierarchy within religious denominations that was inert about taking action over the last decade. In a warning to offshore rig operators more than a decade ago, repeated in 2004 and in 2009, through Democratic and Republican administrations, federal regulators warned of the need to install backup systems to control in an emergency blowout preventers, those giant undersea valves used to cut off the flow of oil from oil wells. And those oil rigs were left to regulate themselves.

Power? Unregulated power? Conspiracy theories, anyone? Perhaps a quick way for financing the next election? A system of power without scruples or authentic moral sentiment created to hide true crimes and private lives with those lavish incomes which no human was worthy of. Had the trade come from Citibank? Bailed out Citibank? Or was this just organized disorganization? From East to West. Supported by lobbyists all over state capitals?

Creation. Which also has involved destroying life in one form. Always and everywhere. And replacing life. Confronting the unsettling ways in which God, as we encounter Him in the history text, keeps entering the story. Yesterday over the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigation of Pampers Dry Max Diapers, made by Proctor & Gamble.

Organizing a response to all of this crumbling. To all of the evil. Against those who conspire against the public good for personal gain. In these years as humans.

Drilling for what was within. Organizing with others, in the name of God. To keep the process honest. A process now capable to blow the world up oh so very unexpectedly. Until we all became immigrants again, with various forms of documentation.

Witnessing it all. This process of unexpected destruction. It was more than just a rash of bad news. And now, what replacement for all the unexpected destruction? As the invisible becomes visible. Drilling for what was within. The Department of the Interior. By those interior design major.

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  1. paperlessworld on

    As men with metal hearts use the drones available for personal gain to be better through wealth than the rest:

    Five years after, the U S Department of Justice said yesterday through their 22 criminal count allegations that Navinder Singh Sarao allegedly used an automated program to generate large sell orders that pushed down prices on Cinquo de Mayo 2010, but canceled his trades in order to buy the contracts at lower prices. Mixing market manipulation with his fraudulent motives, the turbulence in the 1.3 billion shares of about $16 billion worth of stock was caused by one man using allegedly an automated program to generate large sell orders? So it was his role in this May 2010 “flash crash” that briefly sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 1000 points and increased the need on Wall Street for Pampers Dry Max Diapers? But what about the invisible victims of his undetected deception?

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