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Irish Spirits


In search of an Irish spirit. The universal welcoming atmosphere of a Celtic bar, throughout the world. In search of the visible aquifers, above sea level. Places which I have found in Amsterdam, Warsaw, and Gdansk.

That you might have what I have. The philanthropy of Celtic spirit. In a secular bar last night with an Irish name. Or the secular bar last night with an Irish name.

Morticians and poets…connecting what, on the surface, seems to be the unconnected. The poetry of a mortician connecting the dead to the living. When time becomes the factor in the search for the divine. God-like. Looking for the Holy Grail but running out of time. When clocks added to the stress.

Celtic spirits. When you somehow pour yourself into the kids. We give you thanks, for some attachment to belief, Saint Patrick. To believe to some degree, about a few things about the world. About life and death and birthrights –some kind of faith, with loyalty. After so many years under a dominant culture. With the dominant culture so visible. The ones which kept peasants in debt, and stole a language. The foreigner concepts, which had oppressed peasants each day. For so long.