Top Secret America

Living in a dystopia, outside the system. And so the media organizations like Strafor.

There is this worldview under the American guise of being an utopia, of this society in a repressive and controlled state. The evidence is brought forth by Wikileaks because the broadcast media supported by the system was not really telling the truth.

In the Garden There was a smugness of a nation which believed in giving up freedom in return for the Department of Homeland Security, without addressing the underlying problem of privilege. As the rich kept getting richer. Trying with a greater difficulty to defend its borders from outsiders.

It was Vincent Punzo who said: “Every affluent society experiences a guilt that is connected directly with its privileged circumstances.”

Accusing Stratfor of involvement in wide range of legally or morally questionable research activities for private corporations, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said upon the release of five thousand emails of the Texas-based subscription-based publisher Stratfor: “On the surface it presents as if it’s a media organisation providing a private subscription intelligence newsletter,” the activist, who is awaiting extradition to Sweden on rape charges said in London. “But underneath it is running paid informants networks.”

What happened when you lowered yourself to the same immoral tactics that the oppressors used to retain power? David, with his armies. Killing, as Cain, as Moses, maybe as God did in the story of Noah. So you were this underground movement, using Acts of God, taking life?

And torture. Ideas and works about dystopian societies often explore the concept of humans abusing technology and humans individually and collectively coping, or not being able to properly cope, with technology which has progressed far more rapidly in different kinds of repressive social control systems – various forms of active and passive coercion – than humanity’s spiritual evolution.

The revelations, in the secret world of intelligence, included that Israel had last year carried out a successful covert attack on Iran’s secret nuclear facilities.

Did you note the disconnect in the dialogue? In the disconnect between the Creator and the offenders, who had heard God moving about in the Garden at the breezy time of the day. And the offenders hid themselves amongst the trees of the garden. And so the discussion:

“Where are you?”

“I heard you in the garden, but I was afraid because I was naked,” said Adam, never really answering the question, apparently coming out of hiding. “So I hid myself.”

And God, exposed to them in their nakedness. Did you ever note at what point in the story Adam and/or Eve ever do get named, in the Tree of Life story? Was it, with Adam and Eve together exposed directly to God, not until after the punishment? It was Adam who called his wife Eve, in this Divine Comedy, well after all the rivers get names. Eve, in addressing God directly for the very first time in the story – at the sentencing – blamed the serpent. “The serpent tricked me.” And the serpent had been at the scene of the crime. Eve, never identified by name, at this point in the story, only as “the woman.” Note always the nameless characters in the Book of Genesis, for what they did.

In the secret world of intimacy, of intelligence, as you lowered yourself to the same immoral tactics that the oppressors used to retain power, did you ever note the very first commandment connected with the Tree of Knowledge, involved knowing God?

It was just bad base-running? Running on his/her own. Missing signs. The disconnect in the dialogue. Misinterpreting the indicator, from the Creator. With now the need to get back to home plate? After being sent outside the borders of the Garden.

Or striking out. Banished children of Eve, living in a dystopia, outside the system. In a private sector without rules … without any constitution. Like all of the subcontractors for Top Secret America. On the Fort Meade Army base, there are 80 government tenants on the 6.3 million square feet campus which are surrounded by 112 acres of parking spaces. That abbreviations for “top secret” and “sensitive compartmented information” – means few people are allowed to know what information the cable there transmits. TS/SCI.

Originally hacked last year by the network Anonymous, these five thousand emails would reveal private details of individuals who had worked or given information to the Stratfor organisation, the Texas-based subscription-based publisher providing political, economic and military analysis to help customers reduce risk.

Rejecting claims that there was anything improper in the way it handled information gathered, Stratfor released a statement which said: “Stratfor has worked to build good sources in many countries around the world, as any publisher of global geopolitical analysis would do. We have done so in a straightforward manner and we are committed to meeting the highest standards of professional conduct. Having had our property stolen, we will not be victimized twice by submitting to questioning about them.”

What went on between the Creator and the offenders who had heard God moving about in the Garden at the breezy time of the day, when there had been two people but only one rule. And so their sense of guilt. And wanting back in.

Anonymous account said about its overall five million hacked emails: “There’s a treasure trove of nasty details in those emails. We think there’s something for everyone. We promised you those mails and now they’ll finally be delivered. Five million emails at your pleasure,” said the Anonymous network.

Living outside the borders, with agencies living both inside and outside the system.  With Platte River Networks.  With SECNAP Network Security Corp.  With Datto, Inc.  Living  outside the borders, inside at the Fort Meade cluster, businesses is conducted in top-secret work with an estimated 30,000 people reading, listening to and analyzing an endless flood of intercepted conversations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Global Positioning System on my car dashboard suddenly begins giving incorrect directions, trapping the driver in a series of U-turns, because the government is jamming all nearby signals, nearing the epicenter of Fort Meade. And the sub-contractors are not limited by the shared belief in the foundation document called the United States Constitution.

On the surface it is presented in the interest of the security of these borders, of the government of the United States. But the operations work beyond the NSA perimeter, in the private sector where the motive is only to make money. With companies which thrive off the National Security Agency and the other fifteen intelligence organizations. At 681 locations.

There was a fierceness of children and grandchildren who have been deprived of liberty all of their lives. When parents were banished from the Utopian Garden. When the tiller man son killed the hunting son. Because the hunting son’s nomadic way of life looked to be so much better. To the man whose line of work tied him to one place.

Vincent Punzo who said: “Every affluent society experiences a guilt that is connected directly with its privileged circumstances.”

The exile away from the Promise Land. Debate about the role of intelligence in protecting an utopia occurs only when something goes wrong. The government then is forced to investigate. Or when an unauthorized disclosure of classified information turns into news. Like with WikiLeaks.

“And that’s how I became interested in charting not only the changes that were triggered by different limitations.”

To record, by words, all of this. To put, in my own words, the sacredness of life. Of liberty … and free will. And the cost of free will, in an age when kids were using cameras in their phones, as a substitute for words. All of this, with or without feeling.

Places …. In the beginning. In stories about Genesis. Utopias: No Place Else. In the story of the Garden … before utopias become dystopias.

“Oh that could never happen here.”

Police states. Living in police states, with unlimited power over its citizens. Like with the German affect where a planned economy is planned and controlled by corporatist and fascist elements. As goods are more difficult to obtain, or are dangerous. Like with health care… with wants and needs, but characters totally at the mercy of the state-controlled economy which is taking over properties, perhaps at the time of death. Or decisions about life and death.

In the addicted world, you came to learn that the person who distrusts themselves has no touchstone for reality – the touchstone can only be oneself. A labyrinth of attitudes is interposed between such a person and reality itself. A human who cannot trust himself, trusts no one and consequently has no mercy.  And that is what comes out from living in top secret.

The Land of Liberty. And Free Will. And Human Rights. It was the season of year to reflect on gratitude and to recognize your own sins. To seek mercy. And to change.
Copyright © 2011.

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In the Garden of the Beasts

Trying to profit with all of those laying the foundation for the new police state, building the best police state ever. Google. Apple. Yahoo and all who collaborate for profit against the principles concerning the human rights that I was born into. In the Bill of Rights. And me along with them.


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  1. paperlessworld on

    Harpers reports that a federal judge has sentenced journalist Barrett Brown to 63 months in prison for sharing a link to information stolen by a hacker in 2011 from the subscription-based, private-intelligence Texas-based publisher, Stratfor, providing political, economic and military analysis. As the United States government chooses to outsource secrets to an outsider government . . . in privatizing war with public money.

    “Good news!” Brown said in a statement. “They’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex.”

    “And that’s how I became interested in recording . . . by words, all of this conflict with liberty … and free will. And the cost of free will. And you dream of Columbus.

    “With your maps and your beautiful charts. And you dream of Columbus.” Charting the joys and fear …. the ups and downs. That rendition of “Columbus” was a love song about a relationship.

    And that’s how I became interested in charting. To record, by words, all of this. To put, in my own words, the sacredness of life, of liberty … and free will. With the cost of free will. Charting the changes which were triggered by the different perspectives of free will. With all the human limitations.

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