Random House


In the beginning. Natural law. THE excitement of God in the story. The power of God. TO have God naturally appear in the history of a people. In their temples, in their churches, in their mosques. In their places of domicile.

Sitting on the shores of the lake reflecting upward. To carry a civilization forward. Onward. The lake as some kind of mirror, like some kind of hangover from last night’s storm. And the fish still far below, as if in search of some inner peace. When my fertility, their fertility, would decide everything.

Creation. The visible and the invisible. Power. Might. In the dogma of hovering bonds.

When it came to stories, everyone understood the one event. In the beginning. The story of creation. The search for the Holy Grail was only a search for the Creator. In all the universe. The mutual search. For all time. For all places. People looking to bond.

“Give us time. And please forgive us our trespasses. As we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Western ways. Learning the tribal ways of capitalism. And what have you done to my God?

So in the beginning when I entered the story, this western form of capitalism under an authority like once seen under communism. The mutual search, when I entered the story. China, with six trillion four hundred billion in foreign reserves. Mostly in dollars and euros, as the Chinese really hate the Japanese. And China was being asked to keep the charade of the west up. And so few saying the prayers of survival.

Six trillion four hundred billion in foreign reserves, in a world with eleven trillion dollars worth, set aside. Mostly in dollars and euros, as the Chinese were being asked to keep the charade of the west up, while their nation kept up the charade of communism.

The story of the systems. The seen and the unseen. Form follows functions. Whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven. But now what of the sins you retain? What would you do with them?

Notice all the pretend banks here. Over capital requirements. Holding capital reserves. In bonds? Whose bonds? In what currency?

In bonds as the dogma of currency. When first your credit card and then your currency was rejected. With all of your education and sophistication.

From the Intelligent design comes a blasphemy of self-importance. Noting the hostility over authority, in my search for union. Looking for union, when you had four trillion dollars worth of chips. And only the Arab nations with oil had chips. No one else had any, if you believed the world news. Though the Europeans were allowed to keep playing. With systemic risk.

Cognitive dissonance. In a build up of power, in upward momentum, the retained sins. Repeating “them” over and over? The movement in the story of those ordained to power. How to pass on power?

Debt. Time. The future. The sins of power and space? Over and over, the story of power and power-sharing. Mindful that something was eating at you, and it seemed to involve your progeny. Was it over their use of assets and power?

With the survivors, the forms of God. If a leader truly was infallible, there would be no coverups. When most of the world could see now behind the curtain that the pope – this pope – just like an aging Abraham, was recognizable crazy. In the story. Like in the Wizard of Oz.

The story of God trying to get into the outside world. Nomads taking direction from God, when the alpha male had to decide on what to do with a fear of the Lord, in having to make this earthly decision. When it would involve what was left of your fertility. And getting to her deepest part with words and deeds. Somehow through my fertility, God trying to get into the outside world.

And so from deep recesses, the same stories over and over. Of transfering your energy and power into someone. Without wounding them. The conduits. Power. Spirit. Fertility. To cheer for humans who compete with the rest of the world to be the best, who had to create, it seemed, with so little.

When you have all this time and all of this space, at the time that something is written. But no real trust. Bearing down, in such a vast world to create, what had happened to Dominion? When a spark of someone you knew was written into a character, in one story of power and power-sharing.



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  1. paperlessworld on

    Those lips really shine like the moon on a starlit night. I bet people have been stopping your mom since you were a baby, just for the chance to kiss you. Were you born with those lips, or is it just some kind of lips gloss? I really like the way you lips shine right at me.

    So is it too soon in the relationship to ask if I could just smell the fragrance of your hair? And maybe steal a feel of your heartbeat?

  2. paperlessworld on

    And just as Abraham had contemplated sacrificing his own son, similar to a way of thinking when Hitler wiped out the Jews to promote the Aryan race, this pruning pope was prepared to sacrifice the next generation, in his batle with the ministry of the American nuns, in his handling of dissent, in the change of the colloqial language of the Mass. It was the way power was used in the world that he had grown up with, as a Hitler youth. It was what happened when you just accepted the status quo of the world you were born into. Though the generation under thirty did not seem to accept the old paradigm.

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