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The Human Ground for Hiding Complicity in the Drone Wars

Veils of silence. After suppressing information for 12 months, last week the New York Times and the Washington Post ran stories about a secret airbase which the US military has operated in Saudi Arabia for the past two years in the drone campaign over Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Reporters at both newspapers had known about the base long before the story went to print, but agreed to conceal the information based upon pressure from the Obama Administration that reporting the truth would have harmed “national security interests.”

In Rome, the retired cardinal from Los Angeles was headed to the papal conclave to vote in the election of the next pope, after he had been involved over a number of years in the coverup, in the best interest of the church, of sexual abuse. The decade of abuse stories was reported by important and influential newspapers in the United States – like the Boston Globe or the Los Angeles Times.

Woodruff-Bernstein There had once been a legacy of these professions in search of the Truth. Once upon a time, before the paperlessworld, it was the Washington Post which had changed the way we think about the power of the Fourth Estate. And now there was the complicity of journalists, in times of war, with government officials, not so unlike the base of the secrets kept in the secret Vatican files, justified on some human ground by either government or Vatican officials. And journalists were to one degree or another in bed with the powers that be. Where have you gone Daniel Ellsberg?

“The church is a troubled business. Maybe it should act like one”, Bill Keller writes in The New York Times on February 18, 2013, about people who live in glass structures.