Earth Day

Earth Stories “In the beginning,” about, if not the inheritance, selling out for the inheritance, over a human ease, with “Original” sin. Marked, like Noah’s nameless wife to protect, like her ancestor Cain? Marked to protect, like the later descendants of Noah’s nameless wife in a later blood relative named Sarai as well as Abram, with all of the tension in these family stories of people, before a name change. Or marked to this time care?

Proximity? Killed in the named of liberation theology, like Abel, over this proximity, note the irony of the the trickle down affect in Creation. What proximity to God’s hovering Spirit had Noah shared — on his own Dominion Day like they celebrate in Canada — to the sea or to God? Of course, when the floods came, the waters with the trickle down affect found Noah’s ark, and what had to have been a certain strangeness which Noah carried.

Transport, in the beginning. When the first people had no one to rely on except for God, note the difference in succeeding generations with a certain loss of feeling. There was this increased human brutality in the tribal affect, as the unconditional gave way to all the policy conditions, and there was less to risk to avoid extinction, when you had these safety nets? And doesn’t religion seem so often like the contractual language found in insurance coverage, with the exclusion for “water below the surface of the ground including that which exertss pressure on ….”

The ease and unease of people with or without proximity to God’s hovering Spirit? Feel the connection of self-esteem to work, or the lack thereof, or to slavery, in the new disordering in this second creation, in all the stories of displacement.

Was hell having to start over, on earth and in homelands, for another new generation? When the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible is, over and over, about the destruction of of the First Creation. (See )

Birth right. Quiet and its affect only on one sense, before the connection of all the senses. Stories about “In the beginning” with Feel and Balance, connecting hunger and breathing to the present and the future, as people pray together, for a Messiah? Because you had become dependent, on the land. With the ease or unease over all these inventions, there was still the challenge of goodness. And there is growth in the inheritance from the God of Noah to the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

Let there be light? How long in the the trickle down affect in Creation, does Spirit take? How long does Liberation take, for a displaced people who wanted to get away? When Noah’ wife and Noah’s family had come to know the animals, like God had come to know their family, like Adam once had? And the separation again, in the story?

Division or Separation? (See Light from light. How did you ever allow yourself to lose the excitement, if not the spectrum of light, when darkness had been on the face of the deep? SO to capture the construct of ghosts was to also to capture their holy Spirit … To capture the power in Spirit in yet another CREATION STORY … on the face of the water – God said, “Let there be light.”

With much Irish flummery: to be so lightly touched by a certain strangeness. The realistic Old World influence to bear on the New World continues to drive the narrative thread from book to book, in the homes of the brave, with the displaced ghosts. In the beginning, like just another speck of dust. You.

In Ghost stories, the hole left after a death. To discuss the placement of Spirit in the hole. The seen and the unseen. In the silence of Creation, the construct of ghosts is still dust. Forever buried dust. Remember, that thou art dust, visible and invisble. Long after you forget, one winter morn the quiet spirits of your ancestors show up again on your windshield after the morning frost melts ….and you notice that dust and it meaning, years later.

Time and distance can erode the deepness of feeling. Or fear can affect your balance on earth, when all the people you know, were born with, so gradually lost their ability to replicate. From the creation of each of the senses, wasn’t Adam afraid of Creation? More than simple awe, how did his Fear of the Lord fit into the story? Wasn’t Noah afraid of Cain’s descendant when he first met his nameless wife, like I was that night in Praha? (See
) About who she was…with so little undertanding of what was going on in the former Soviet Union? And what was it like to witness the new Creation, in the new ordering in this creation … startups of new love stories, after another system collapse?

It was how books as well as chapters begin. About belonging. That hole in the donut, over-turning privilege, rather than becoming what you never wanted to be: a bully, an abuser. (See .) When there is something in the hole, that now is missing. As inequality threatens stability, while dealing with birth right in the silence of Creation, the construct of ghosts is still dust — forever buried dust, with proximity to God’s hovering Spirit.

In the beginning, there was the land, carrying, like the school bus, the future of the world … just as the earth still carries the ghosts of the past.

In word and deed, deleting the First Creation. Before taking it back.

(See )

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