Things Inadvertently Lost: In Ukraine

What you learn comparing: prospective husbands to real fathers.

In the movement toward the world from small to larger, you keep trying to love unconditionally … outside the tribe, like inside the tribe, until one day the entire world. It was the progression in the Book of Genesis, once that couple was forced out into the outside world. With all their flaws.

Exile, banishment, forced repatriations. Had you ever read the history of Post War Europe as borders changed? The Soviets had annexed Karelia. And then the Petsamo region of Finland. Nearly every Finnish Karelain emigrated into what remained of Finland. While American troops fought the Japanese in 1945, after VE Day, the Russians had taken the land of Eastern Poland, demanding that Germany be pushed two hundred miles further west, as Poland was given the German territory east of the Oder River and west of the Neisse.

In the story of the dispossessed, as any Irishman knows, there are Separtist Movements.

In the downward spiral of Russian history, the standards of living with falling birth rates were headed to subsistence. In times of trouble, desperate leaders stole, to somehow survive.

In the modern world, with cyber space, Reporters Sans Frontières is a France-based international non-profit, non-governmental organization, much like Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), dedicated to the dispossessed.  And in world with “spiritual but not religious” belief — a world without real borders — Russia was now giving up its neighbors’ belief in borders?

Borders? The strangeness of the borders, after the Great Annihilation — through sacrifice. In the New World Order, in the Reconstruction, some still believe in making sacrifices, through war, as so many others just shared doubt … over borders. What a bizarre idea, to sacrifice the present for a future.

Russia. Ukraine. The arranged marriage. With the strangeness of the borders. In a world where fewer and fewer people were embracing marriage, as if it was anyone else’s concern — as if it was anyone else’s concern in the private lives of these distant people, between these Slavic people who seemed so much alike, except over the degree of how orthodox their thinking.  Over the dispossessed.

In the story of the dispossessed, you learn comparing the past to the present. Did you see the shadow of Neville Chamberlain in the stories coming out of Europe over this summer? There was always a blight in the outbreak of long-lasting peace, over the indifference — without allies for the dispossessed — over Motherlands.

In his need for seaports, Putin still believes in a buffer zone for the Commonwealth of Independent States around Russia, established for the common good, from a European Union (that might or might not include Ukraine as a de facto member of the Commonwealth of Independent States), over who do these people belong to, now? And there was this old tendency of Russian men to use brutal force within their homes to get their ways.

After the borders change. Again. So Russians with all of their brutal flaws could have access to the seas. Living without borders, sacrificing love, unconditionally … in the outside world.

“Mostly they are the same lives. The same stories, over and over,” wrote David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker. Was it William Faulkner who wrote that the past is never dead? In current events based upon dealing with losses, it is not even past.

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  1. paperlessworld on

    Real fathers. Mothers in the Motherland. To stand up for her. Because once she gave her living body for me. Or took in my own father.

    This war, now in its second year, with the army of Ukraine fighting the Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, has claimed more than 6,400 lives. The dead and the wounded increased in number in 2015 — even since a cease-fire had been signed in February 2015, after ten months of war. If you live in these lands, the powers want to know which side you support, in this split. The number of dead in Ukraine in two years double the number of all of the dead who ever died in The Troubles of Ireland. It is the army of Ukraine which has the aging arsenal, with its old idea of a nation which had included Crimea, fighting the better-equipped separatists in a battle over Donbas between two nations with currencies in downward spirals.

    Yes, “Small trees had attacked my parents’ house at the foundation.”

  2. paperlessworld on

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