As A Place To Be Neutral Is Lost Again

Homes. Homeland. The Law. Being dismissed from an action, having no cause of action” which does not capture in WORD what the conflict was about. To capture the range of what I am about. When you are not recognized in the Law, when you have no cause of action in the first place, you are legally homeless. “You have no dog in the fight,” or are not allowed to be recognized. When you are not “constituted.”

It was the War to End All War. The Great War. The Jews were bearing the brunt of the burden of this war, in contending with loss, not only on the battle fields where they suffered with the rest of the world, but also in their homes. The lost recognition … as you become just another body. “To be a part of” ….. to belong here. The population of seven million Jews, which at the time exceeded that of Belgium, bore the brunt of the war. Behind the lines of Russian and Poland was the Pale of Jewish Settlement where four million Jews lived. In fifteen Russian provinces, before the Russian revolution, what Lenin had set out to destroy was all shared belief so that all that was left was the belief and dependence upon the state.

When you are not “constituted,” you could be destroyed. The Grand Experiment called Lenin’s Russia makes the present age forget the past. The disaster which came out of the Cold War together with the Holocaust has contributed to memory loss of what happened one hundred years ago. When the War To End All War broke out, one-half of the Jewish population of the world was trapped in a corner of Eastern Europe that was absolutely shut off from all neutral lands and from the sea.

The place to be neutral was lost, in a disaster surpassing that of all other nationalities, in the threat that was alive to the innocent as much as in the story of Noah – to women and new children – in physical and economic loss, none have borne a greater burden than the Jews.

To annihilate God. In ways of moral and spiritual torment, there is strength that comes from sacrifice, per the story of Abraham with his son, in the story of the Akedah. “Of all the people that have suffered deeply from World War I,” a population of seven million Jews were threatened with extinction, in the War To End All War. Singled out, if not for their old peculiar ways…. by their peculiar geographic, political and economic position. Threatened by assimilation into the secular world, trying to keep ritually pure. Kosher Jews. At the time there was in Russian-Poland (read the history) over two million Jews. To the south was this frontier province of Austria called Galicia with one million Jews. Did anyone stop on religious holidays to note all the brothers fighting brothers in this great secular War to End All War? Yes, the Jews were fighting each other, just as the split German tribes – based upon the German line of kings in England and Russia – were fighting each other. In all the armies of Europe, there were more than 350,000 Jewish soldiers fighting for Russia and 50,000 Jews fighting for Austria-Hungary. Of the world Jewish population, probably 500,000 Jews were in the ranks of the fighting armies of Europe.

Like so much the current wars in Syria, Iraq, and the Cold Wars among the Muslims, in a rehashing of the War To End All War, in the unseen world against the seen one, when you are not “constituted,” you could be destroyed. “Mostly they are the same lives. The same stories, over and over,” wrote David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker. When we endow our lives with stories, the importance was of the binding in the relationships, in stories about unconditional love. When your relationships were so alive, when you prayers were so alive. And you wanted others to then have the same experience. With God’s intervention, mostly the same stories, generation after generation…. with a great restlessness … carrying the fire, with your own tradition, in search of the Promise Land … as the place to be neutral is lost. Again.

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In a season when something unexpected can break out, it is time today to pray for goodness and the people of Syria.


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    The bug in the air, with my INTENT to kill it – why? In winter. In Minnesota. Is God dead?

    “You create! I am tired. Worn out. Tired creating. So, you create the perfect son. And limit your preaching, in order to be read.”

    At home. Who is feeling at home? Your teammate, raised in the culture of hostility.

    Who is? Who is hostile? Why? Who is criticizing one color here in our limited neighborhood? All the One in their race, color, creed.

    In the BEGINNING of, when God created the skies and the heaven – when the skies had been shapeless and formless, and darkness had been on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering on the face of the water – If you grew up in the ocean, what the hell is a glass of water to you that these memorabilia collectors tried to save?

    Presence. Missing. Gone? When you, so much like Ireland, are surrounded by water. And the sectarian violence there has not really been that bad, compared to the rest of the world. In the last 100 years, less people have been killed in sectarian violence – religious violence – in Ireland than had been killed on September 11, 2001

    “And the creatures worried that your God was dying. Just wash every day. Just sleep every day. Just eat well every day. Just care for Me and My creation. Call it The Spirit of the Lord! With a fair catch signal. Let a child catch it… unmolested.”

    Are Christians persecuted? Did you know the history of The Holocaust? Did you see the Pew Research poll about how Muslims felt living in the United States. And it had to be worse living in the European Union, when elected leaders put up barriers to citizenship, because silently these Muslim people are not in the religious tradition of the Land, though for the most part this generation has given up religious tradition. And Muslims do feel persecuted, even if they are not. And hadn’t it always been European countries from where people left. . . not fled to?

    Behold the War on Terror. “Mostly they are the same lives. The same stories, over and over,” wrote David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker. As GOD is threatened by assimilation into the secular world, trying to keep ritually pure? Like Kosher Jews? As GOD IS persecuted? By the Nones…those with no religion or those with imitations of, limitations of attachment? With the European Union attempting to wipe out the legal power of God — Christianity, Islam, Judaism – again. When we endow our lives with stories, the importance was of the binding in the relationships, in stories about unconditional love.

    Did you ever think that Coca-Cola would bottle water that these memorabilia collectors first tried to sell around Lourdes? For you , when you got home, to have and to hold?

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