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Out-sourced Sacrifice

With staffs slashed, with news rooms down to 30 percent, with all the pub closings and church closings, and the death of the box store, the old hostile take-over world is changing. With the culture of online universities, and crematoriums rather than the Land itself, who still has a loyalty to the old places, to the Fatherland, or to Isaac, on Rosh Hashanah? What do you owe your father and his Fatherland?

Appealing to your vanity, Abe, in the directive, for all-time, that you SHALL be a blessing. To a place you do not KNOW, you shall be a blessing?
The Akedah

In an indescribable life, with Lot, with your half-sister, along with your own father… “On your journey, I shall bless you!”

So the events. The Call to give up your home, at the age of 70. The sacrifice of all that you have. “And I shall make your name great. And all shall praise your name?” And the event involves this idea of sacrifice, connected to not your son but your nameless mother. Leave! Your MOTHER-Land!

So after this idea of sacrifice – of the past – so the world will never forget, you have to now sacrifice the future. Or had the event been the miracle of Sarai finally giving birth, without a place called home, as a stranger in the land? At the age of 89! Or had the event been setting your first-born son, in the Call to Sarah to give up HIS home, free? Or in appealing to the opposite of your vanity, in the things which give identity, had the event been sacrificing her first born son, to set YOU somehow free?

Adoption. The National debt. Land as well as Land Management. The next generation. The price of the Louisiana Purchase, as the new states-to-come lead to a Civil War. Your own kids, left with this mortgage. How could you not feel the sense of punishment in the story about The Sacrifice?

“God, keep our Land, glorious and free!”

Like the North American immigrant, as to the question who am I, after leaving “it” all behind. The work in the Water and Soil Conservation office. In the lyrics of “Oh Canada” there is the hymn to balance liberty with security, with The Spirit of the Land directed at ‘Our’ God. With This Spirit comes but the crimes against the Spirit of our home and Native Land, with the adopted Spirit?  So you borrowed something that was never yours, to give to the future.  Behold the Tabernacle …. That God may dwell with men and women.

Given one chance to address The Court. To waste the bullet in the duel. With a hoped for Forgiveness, accompanied by change and NOT punishment. If you know the ending of Hamilton. “Go ahead and shoot.”

“When the earth has turned beneath you, and your voice is seldom heard.”

Measure the invisible things that come out of sacrifice – their love, their kids, their God. Measure and compare the themes over this lifetime, of you to your better half. The connection of infertility to fertility … separate from the issue of punishment. For the women there is this sense of punishment, while Abe was out there walking the Earth, getting a sense of the Living God. To grow something deep, forever, for all the places without borders.

The Elephant in the room. In what is missing in each story, which son gets to enter willingly? Did the chief servant and the slaves? The first born son as an adolescent? The elephant in the room was a missing freedom, in the story of circumcision… for the forced in and the forced out.  Like in the conception of Hagar, has the trauma ever been forgotten?  For Ishmael? The first born son, in Recovery, of something forgotten? By Isaac? Can you explain the hatred for Christian, Jews, Muslims, and all religion in the western world? Is it an envy that God seems to give all the riches to Christians and Jews and Muslims, if you have seen their places of worship, or seen just the people standing at this Western Wall?

There always seems something foreign about Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Muslims. Over their concern for the outside world. When all politics is local, how can you be concerned about the far away, like the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims are? So why do you have this sense of Punishment in the story about The Sacrifice? What had been missing in The Akedah?

What did Abe come away with in The Spirit of the Land directed at One God who he called ‘Our’ Creator?  From out of all the acts of saving, there is “Sacrifice.” Being saved. For just your own? And then there is the hospitality in saving others… While being so human. Out of The Call, what followed in the chronology? The man fighting in war to save Lot. The man fighting for the victim, in the collective SACRIFICE, like the God of Abraham did in The Akedah? The man, now fighting, clearing a spot, for the Spirit of a land and for a “dwelling place for Spirit.” So what is going on in these stories about giving up being either human or divine? Giving up your Homeland along with your home, then giving up your first born son, until finally sacrificing the first born son of your wife.

To believe in such Spirit of a Land, how human does Abraham seem to you? To have such intense desire, like Abe. Did you ever comprehend the difference between the human for a divine purpose … that all might be divine? There had been this connection of Ishmael/Isaac to one place, versus Moses/Jesus connection in the book of Exile, in giving something up, to all the Earth/ to all people. Could the half-sister of Abraham, the half-son of Sarah, the half son of God comprehend the difference between the human for a divine purpose? And what, if you were really born human, was the perspective of Joseph, to a foster Land if-not-adopted son?  Either the Joseph of the Hebrew Bible or the Joseph of the New Testament?

Did you ever comprehend in the stories of relationship, in the theme of “the missing” in the story of the Passion, the other half?  The half that Jesus cries out to? That he thinks he was wrong, in his leap of purpose, in this identity as The Messiah? In his Player Development, formed, by those related to Abraham, and then to be cut loose, Isaac – so much like Doug Mientkiewicz by the Minnesota Twins this week. Not fines AND suspension, or even banishment… but Death, as your father, through you, tries to save the world.

It is the second sons, in the world where firstborn sons are favored, who are supposed to challenge the Truth!  Now what, sport followers/ Apostles/ Sarah? When you had carpet-baggers running the show, everyone should be on edge!

The back and forth… “this alone I seek” prayer: “Hear and show me your ways, Lord!  One thing I ask…this alone I seek. To dwell in the House of the Lord, in the Temple. To be a part, Oh Lord!  Bring me to your dwelling.”

When you have to come back a separate, different way. So, there is this long period of recovery, either for the Victim or for anyone, like her/his family, who had come to know the Victim. And there is this long period of recovery, in trying to return to what was once there. So the sons of Isaac were supposed to grasp something so Intangible that comes out of the freedom to leave, in the story.  When a Victim was so innocent, and somehow this indescribable event is connected to learning how to pray, directed at God-alone prayer with others, out of the alone-ness in the stories, like in the three Abrahamic religions – of Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

To convey and pass on a sacrifice: How many times would God intervene, after Sarah’s out-sourcing, in this disorganized human world? Did you comprehend the irony of a people who grab hold of what you had uncovered — Spirit — after once giving up everything, now hugging the past, so that the most important part of Abraham’s story would not be forgotten?

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