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The LOST? What had been lost…  in the Great Unsettling. What was it that Boy in the Temple twenty years before had found lost? As the Joyful Mystery turns to SORROW.

The Promise Land?  Why have you abandoned me?

Giving EVERYTHING up, like Abraham. For something more. Compare/contrast Passover to The Passion, or Moses to Jesus.

Giving EVERYTHING up, connected to the Land?  

Behold the panic!  Kid stories? The Culture?  In the crisis of modernity, reaching puberty.  To be born into the established world, un-established.  In the story of ORIGIN. To disappear.

The MISSING, after or before the killing. Twenty years later.  What did you know or remember about this young man?  Named Moses.  

With all The MISSING, after or before the killing?  In waking up into one bad dream.  


For The BOND. A much more personal Bond. There is this disestablishing in order to establish what was missing.

Leading. The intent. Access to.  The thing you carry.

The MISSING.  The Mystery.  See what was missing.  The boy from Israel, after the split.  Coming to Jerusalem.  In Judah, under The Romans.  Overturning.  The  Culture of The Temple.

The KNOWING. The Boy in the Temple. Twenty years later.   With a certain missing power, living in an occupied land.  Under the Romans.  In their Empire.  

Before the joy turns to sorrow, did you count the Temple in all your Joyful Mysteries?  The SECOND Temple.  Under the Romans. 

Present stories to young kids, growing one day to be people of our Land. The MISSING. The Mystery. See what is missing. Coming back to Jerusalem.  A different way.  Overturning. The Temple.  In giving birth to something.  After giving up – just like Moses – the Land of his origin?

LINK: Simeon's Song of Praise

Coming back. A different way?

Leading, moving the Chosen out of the Land.  Disestablishing. NOT ever personally destroying in Egypt the Pyramid/ the Temple.  Leading, only those able to carry the future.

The Pharaoh.  One of those KINGS.  Essentially, Moses’ adopted father.  With the concern over Spirit in the Land. The Guardian, of Empire!  To rule over, like a CULTURE.  Presence. To light, through an Invisible Presence.  Consciousness, with so little thought.  To guide, automatically.  Like Lot.  In a place where everyone thought alike.  The mob in the story.  The Angel, moving The Chosen out of the Land.  The first time.  Contrast Sodom.  Different than in Sodom, this Judah.   Looking forward, not back!  The attempt, never personally destroying, in Egypt, the Pyramid/ The Temple – these sacred places, for families, generation after generation.  

Did you comprehend The Closeness in the story?  To the Pharaoh, as some kind of sun-god.  At a time when the ruler over Church and State was not separated.  So compare/contrast the child Jesus to the child Moses, inside the Palace.  With this great access, only on the Temple Mount. To the SECOND Temple, attempting to replace the first Temple, destroyed.  Before losing your access.  As a result of a simple voice crying out in the wildness, losing his head over the God of Israel. Over the SPLITTING the kingdom, over the divorce of the King of the Jews… Herod. Disembodied, by Herod.  Jesus, then with these followers… of The Baptist.

Were you there? That BOY in the Temple, bothered by the SPLITTING.  The great Unsettling which came out of splits, seeing and feeling what has been missing.  PLACE in the story.  Coming back to Jerusalem, with the focus always and everywhere on the SACRIFICE of the Firstborn,  exacerbated by the distance of Galilee from the Temple and theological leadership which was focused in Jerusalem.  The everlasting focus, in the Spirit of the Land.  

Remembering. The story of who was there.  Was there crying?  Did you ever  compare/contrast the child Jesus, the boy prince, lost, to his Mother?   Coming of Age.  The mother of the young man, “living inside the Palace” as it were, like with Elizabeth and her muted husband.  In the beginning.  In the silence.  

The intent.  In the gestation of Spirit.  The Fifth Mystery.   For greater Access to The MISSING.  Leading.  Living on!   With the Absolute bravery, of a prophet.  Or as a prince.  On the last day, THERE.  In The SPLITTING of the human and the Divine . . in the  sacrificing the homeland again.  Or the first time away from home, so alone.   Was there crying, coming of age?  As the prince never seems to quite get his crown.  

 Where you left off?  As the words in the old story became flesh, in another Great Unsettling. Taking or Leaving the Spirit of a place called home.  From where you were left.   

Were you there? With the body?  In this real panic?  Of the uncrowned once and future king?  Imagine who was there for The Great Unsettling which came out of splits.  And The Unsettling quiet afterwards. The echo in comparing/contrasting Passover to The Passion.  In the silence.   In a darkness with the solitude of Northern Minnesota, did you feel as if you were there, in the resounding echo, everlasting, of absolute love? In connecting what at first seems unconnected.  In the power of absolute love, so hard to understand, as you lost your first born.  Like the Pharaoh had.

The LOST?  What had been lost – That Boy at the Temple – for the Passover feast? Giving up, sacrificing, mostly the Homeland. Taking or Leaving the Spirit of a place called home.  Did you ever connect the Last Joyful Mystery to the Last Sorrowful One?  With the wine and his blood, but a “Living Sacrifice” connecting Daily Life.  At the end, for the same type of bond, or more? For SOMETHING MORE!  

To live on!  Giving EVERYTHING up, like Abraham?  For something more!  As the words in the old story became flesh, in another Great Unsettling Disestablishment of power.  After surviving Mount Moriah. Trying to put it all into words. Giving up a homeland like Egypt.  And what then followed. Connecting what at first seems unconnected in a world that seems more unconnected.  How to put the flesh back into words! The wine at the Passover feast.  Changing water into wine, as his first public miracle.  Then coming back a different way than the Father.  

LOST?  Compare/contrast Abraham to Jesus, in the Temple.  As The Seder meal is held today in family homes not in the Temple, so hadn’t The Boy at the Temple been lost following The Days of Awe, on the holiest of days, on Yom Kippur? After hearing the story of the Great Unsettling Disestablishment of power in the reading on Rosh Hashanah, after Sarah’s firstborn son somehow survives the moment on Mount Moriah.  After The Day of Atonement! Trying, with the Right Hand of God moment, to put it all back into flesh.

POST SCRIPT: ….. and then he died.

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Kept out of the spotlight for a while.   With the characteristics of his Father, connected to the Invisible.  

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