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Brexit! The ’loved-me-and-left-me’ song. On the saxophone.

The Glorious Mystery, Jacob. WHERE did you really leave The Establishment. Of your Church?

“With all of you wives. With my blood! My Spirit!” said the grandfather.

“Where is the lamb, father? Yeah, Abraham, what did you forget?”

The Call.

Old age?

Historic Preservation.  Tuck-pointed.  At a place where everyone knows the building if not the people who attend.

Clouded vision.  Cataracts.  The ability to see through the other side of the heavens. Ghosts.  The changing past.  Mystery, carried.

The Establishment.  The established Spirit.  The Remover of blood?


About baby teeth.

Losing the first Ones.  Teachers, like The Articles of Confederation, with Teeth.

The Replacements.  The Temple, restored. The need for teeth and books and teachers, the second time.

With the theme of being anointed … who?

The Land with no Spirit.  So, the first time Abram leaves, what is the reason? The unvoiced concern is? Loyalty to the Barren Land, like the desert?

The LAND of Abraham’s first born son. Bedouin-like. Was Hagar? With no loyalty to the LAND. Captive. Enslaved. Going through the motion, until the son becomes hers.

As the Spirit is set free. When your center has moved.

Who? Barren, the first time. Wanting more. Ask a mother what it is like, in Ordinary time, as your center is moved or sacrificed? These works of human hands, that you are setting up in arranged marriage. 

Did you know the scientist’s purpose, that everyone be the same? To give up creativity. To give up religion? To give up your child? In the human forces trying to take over, did you ever identify The INVISIBLE force in the story, of creation? What was the force like in the days of the Third Reich?

“I come from a family in which some deep injuries exist. The type of injury made by family member against family member which are profound. The type of injury which reaches across generations, affecting those not even born when they were committed. The type of injury that spawn subsequent injury of emotion, of relationship, of memory. Perhaps you can relate to some deep hurt among your family or friends, or in your life. When extending mercy in these instances can seem impossible … may seem even unjustified. Is it right to forgive or love someone who has done such wrong, letting them off the hook? The one who offended us so deeply?” — Scott McClure

Irish spirits coming forth.  Haunted.  Deserted.  Not knowing anything about the past, of this land, and their ghosts.  And their kings?

Ordinary time.  At three miles per hour.  Those Christmas cards.  Setting the ghosts free.  Largely left to police their own, bishops are facing the most scrutiny ever from secular law enforcement.

Power. To confer power. The Reconstruction after the Nazis. The Nuremberg Trials. Power?  The damage to a Land, first launching sweeping investigations.  Raiding diocesan offices, with subpoenaed files, setting up victim tip lines.  To hold ‘higher ups’ responsible for the irresponsible?  How to hold a leader accountable for the abuse actions of their lieutenants?  The disquiet.  Stillness.  To confer.  The Round House.  Church fires.  Incest.  Losing power, to secular law enforcement with their own troubles?  To confront the devil within.  Measuring the damage.  Choosing convenience over tradition.  This re-ignited fire of hell called ‘sex-abuse crises.’  Who would ever want to lead this church?

Generation Next.  Losing Spirit in the Land?  Is any spirit left?  Losing power actually over the Spirit in a Land?  With the theme of being anointed …who?

From a geographical place, Midianites were the ‘league’ of tribes brought together as a collective for worship purposes,” descendants of Keturah, as their fourth born son, like Judah.  From the second marriage of Abraham.  Rather than depicting a land, perhaps like maybe a Native American would understand, the general term is “Midianite” who, after a series of reverses [the most prominent of which are recorded in Judges 6–7], largely disappeared from the historical scene.  Abraham’s great grandson Joseph, after being thrown into a pit by his brothers, had been sold to either Midianites or Ishmaelites. The 40 years in voluntary exile?

With this theme of generational strife, disrespecting the past. Inflicting pain.  These “His mother is his father” Moabs. The word Mo’ab for Rashi mean “from the father”, since ab in Hebrew and Arabic and the rest of the Semitic languages means “father.”  The origin of the Moabites, Abraham, is your brother’s son. Lot’s eldest daughter.  Incestal relations.  She and her sister, having lost their fiancés and their mother in the destruction of Sodom.  Dealing with the loss of everything, deciding to continue their father’s line through intercourse with Lot, their father.  The elder got him drunk, within 24 hours of witnessing the loss of everything, to facilitate the deed and conceived Moab.  The younger daughter did the same and conceived a son whose descendants became the Ammonites.  Rashi writes that as a result of the immodesty of Moab’s name, God did not command the Israelites to refrain from inflicting pain upon the Moabites in the manner in which he did with regard to the Ammonites.  In the north of Moab are a number of long, deep ravines as well as Mount Nebo, famous as the scene of the death of Moses.  Prevented by God from entering the Promised Land, Moses is buried in an unknown location in Moab.  After 40 years [?] in voluntary exile in Midian after killing an Egyptian, Moses had returned to Egypt for atonement in some form, for which he is remembered.  With his wife, the daughter of a Midianite priest.  As the Spirit is set free, your center has moved.  Losing power, to secular law enforcement with their own plagues?  How to hold a leader accountable for the abuse actions of their lieutenants?

How?  How about forming a muted generation, amidst the noise?  Church fires.  As you give one established institution up.  These sacred institutions which form the Collective — Church and … State — Of the Land.  As you willingly give up The Establishment.

As the Spirit is set free. And so in these sacred institutions which form the Collective.  Church.  State. Israel, the confirmation name of Jacob, with these muted spirits?   When your center has moved.  And so what is a story about muteness in the Land of Israel and really the next generation, with a FATHER and son, “with MY son possessed by a mute spirit.”

Like The Earth’s mutedness?  This mystery might lead to a fear about questioning, as you remain silent. Sometimes you need to talk about what you consider personal or “selfish” – what is driven by the self-centered ego and what is just good, healthy self-care.

The Agitators.  Is anybody in there?   In the Battles, over Creation.  Henry VII.  His Church of England, in the 26 various plots about LEAVING, with The Mystery which you carried.  Or dropping the ball?   

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.   Continue reading